Features List
For Users
Free Chatroom Support
We intergrade Flash-based chat room with your Aimoo Forum. This feature allows you to talk to other users in real-time.

Free Polls Support
You will have the ability to create a poll as you create a new thread for forum , category, and thread.

Private Messaging
In most available forums, there comes a time when users want to post a message to a specific user, but not have the entire forum be able to read it.Aimoo Board
includes a complete private messaging feature allowing users to send each other messages. Workflow Messaging

Bookmark favorite forums, threads
You can bookmark your favorite forums, thread when you visit thousands of our Aimoo online communities. This bookmark information only belongs to your account
and you can modify it anytime.

Add emotion icons to posts
You can add emotion icons when you create a new topic or repy to an existing thread.

Message and board search engine
This enables you to find the information by keywords or by author in any of or all of categories of an Aimoo Community.

User Customization
Aimoo offers extensive user customization features. Allowing users to set their own preferences helps keep the end user happy.

Full Subscription Based System
Aimoo Board features a complete subscription system allowing users to subscribe to threads, and have the subscriptions delivered to their E-Mail address, or to their Private Message box in Aimoo Community.

Time Zone Adjustments
It is very common for some forum users not to be in the same time zone as the forums. Aimoo Board allows you to set a time zone for your server, and in addition,
users can set their time zone in their own profile. This allows users to view the thread and message times in their own time zone.

5.0M images/photo hosting
Users can host 5.0M images and photos on Aimoo dedicated image server

WYSIWYG message editor
The WYSIWYG message editor is great html based editor help users create post easily and fast.
For Moderators
Moderation Capabilities
Aimoo Community was built from feedback and input from experienced moderators.Aimoo Board includes a full range of banning capabilities, including: E-Mail
banning, IP banning, and User banning. Moderation can be set on a per category basis.

Move Thread
This allows the Moderator to move the thread to any category he chooses. Moderator can also select if he wants to notify the originator and/or participants that the
thread has been moved.

Delete Message
This option allows the Moderator to remove the message from the forum. Delete Thread This option allows the Moderator to remove the thread from the forum.

Edit Message
This option allows the Moderator to edit the user's message.

Email User
This option allows the Moderator to send an e-mail to the user.

Lock Thread
This option allows the Moderator to lock the thread. Once locked, users can no longer post to the thread.

IP Banning
The Moderator can ban by IP using this option. IP can be any octet of the IP address, so you can ban entire subnets. For example: 192 or 192.168.

Email Banning
The Moderator can ban by a full e-mail address or ban by domain. For example: joe@business.com or business.com.

User Banning
The Moderator can ban by user name. For example: Joe.

Moderators Identification icons
The moderators identification icons under the user title can identificate who are moderators.
For Administrators
Administration Customization
The Administration Module of the administrator is one of its strongest features. The Administration Module allows administrator to adjust just about every option available, except deleting the forum.

Main Setting
Adjust all the various main options for your community. For example, you can select the default timezone for your community,or your can decide the anonymous can
post the messages in your board or not.

Categories Setting
Set up your forum categories, and set up the various category options within this feature. You can choose a category to be posted only, or the category to show the moderators or not.

Topics/Threads Setting
You can customize the "New topic" and "Reply and Post" picture. And you can allow show the counter of the message viewed.

Moderators Setting
You can add moderators to categories or remove them.

Theme Style Setting
You can customize the community's interface including the color, the font, the background etc. you can use the system 9 default settings or you can customize it all by youself.

Advance Polls Setting
AimooCommunity allow administrator to decide to add the poll function or not. New poll style customization feature has been released with Aimoo 6.5.1

User Rank Setting
You can define the user rank showing in your community base on the user's post message count.

Censorship/Forbidden Words
Aimoo Community includes a censorship module, allowing the Administrator to enter in forbidden words. When users post a message containing a forbidden word, they are notified of the forbidden word and asked to change their post.

Custom Html Header/Footer
Custom Html Header/Footer

Anonymous user privilege / Password Protectd Community / Category Users
Administrators can authorize the members access community and every sub-categories.

Custom All Icons
Custom All Icons.